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GenMed Overview

Quality. Reliability. Integrity.

GenMed – Supporting today’s pharmacy practice

As a pharmacist, your expertise in medication therapy and your accessibility to patients position you to play a key role in the delivery of care. However, as the marketplace changes, evolving a business that supports patients in taking charge of their health can be challenging. You depend on a steady drug supply as well as the flexibility to offer patients choices when it comes to their medicine and their health.

At Pfizer, we are committed to helping you succeed in today’s changing environment. As a division of Pfizer and a Canadian-based supplier, GenMed is committed to delivering a quality source of medicines. Our expanding portfolio includes generic medicines for men’s health, pain management, ophthalmology, epilepsy, cardiovascular health, infectious disease and the central nervous system.

Moreover, with access to Pfizer’s broad network, we can connect you with our expertise and innovative programs that will engage your patients and help grow your business. Partnering with us can help you remain competitive within an ever-changing Canadian healthcare landscape.